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Our website designers love to design quality websites that combine beauty and efficiency into an overall user experience. Every company needs a website so that it will be easier for the world to find you and connect with you. Without a company website, you are left to rely on printed media and people’s memory to promote you IF they were to come across someone expresses the need for what you provide. Sure it works, but it’s much less effective. With an efficiently designed website, you can reach a much larger audience allot quicker. Have a look at some of our work, our prices and how the process works, then get in touch with us, so we can assign a website designer to assist you in reaching a larger audience with efficient website design.

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Case Studies

Easy Eyes 

We are honored to have worked with Easy Eyes who required Website Design, 3D Modeling and Branding Stationary Design for the launch of their new product.

Logo Designers - Cypias Logo Design


It was a pleasure doing an Identity Design for Cypias. An online company that specializes in Workflow management.

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See our portfolio for

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Responsive Website Design

Unlimited Web Pages

Contact Forms

Basic Design Elements*

Website Security

SSL Certificate

Google Registration

Manage your own content

Website Visitor Metrics

Up to 5 Professional Stock Images

12 Month SLA Agreement

Logo Designers, web Designers and Archviz Designers Giga Identity Package Price


R 12 000

Logo Designers, web Designers and Archviz Designers Mega Identity Package Pricing


R 10 000

Logo Designers, web Designers and Archviz Designers Micro Identity Package Pricing


R 8 000

*Basic Design Elements include a gallery, slideshow, icons, buttons, menus, tabs and carousel

domain registration options


Domain Registration

R 300

per year


Domain Registration

R 375

per year


Domain Registration

R 475

per year

web and email hosting options


Web Hosting

R 100

per month


Web Hosting

R 1 200

per year


Email Hosting

R 500

per year

website element add-ons

Professional Gallery

R 1 000

5 Additional Stock Images

R 1 000

Website Visitor Metrics

R 1 000

Online Chat Support

R 500

how the website designers’ process work


You have already taken the 1st step to having your own website, and that was to find a website designer. The next step is to let us know that you are interested in hiring us as the designing firm to design your company website. You can do this by simply completing the form below.

Logo Designers Inquiry - Phase
Logo Designers Proposal - Phase


One of the website designers will respond to your request with a detailed proposal via email. Our response will also include a process guide to help you through each phase of the website design process. If we are a good match for you and your budget, the website designer will continue to the next phase as soon as we receive either a 50% deposit or a full payment.


The guide that was sent along with our proposal will include a list of tailored questions that the website designer will need you to answer. You may send an email with your feedback along with any other information or images to the corresponding website designer. Your answers will serve as a briefing that will guide us to create an efficient website design for you and your audience.

Logo Designers Design Briefing - Phase
Architectural Visualization Create the Space - Phase


Now that we have a good frame work to build from, the website designer will continue to design the your website by transforming the approved wire frame into a piece of art. During the compositing phase, the website designer will use the real dimensions, colours, images and text to design the actual look of the website. When the composites are complete, the website designer will email you a presentation that will illustrate how each core function of the website will display. You have the liberty of up to 5 rounds of revisions before any additional costs will incur. Once again, it is important to make sure that you are 100% certain of the look and feel when you approve the website’s design. What you approve in this phase, will be the website designer’s mark to reach in the next phase.


The first step of this phase, is for the website designer to transform the approved composite to an interactive prototype. You will receive a link from the prototyping platform that will allow you to experience the mood, layout and navigation of the website’s design. The platform also allows you to collaborate in real-time with the website designer and discuss any changes.

Website Design Prototype - Phase
Website Design Finalizing - Phase


During this phase, the website designer will slice up your website design so it can be rebuilt for internet browsers. Every image and every letter is carefully put into its place as the website is shaped into a fully functional version of the approved prototype. The website designer will test the compatibility and responsiveness for popular internet browsers and for different devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop. When this is done, the website will be uploaded to a demo server, and the website designer will email you the link to test your new website. Since the look and feel of the website has already been approved, this phase mainly serves to test the functionality and the overall experience of the website.


As soon as you are ready to reveal the website to the world, all you need to do is inform the website designer and as soon as any outstanding amounts are settled, we will continue to the grand finale with you. If your domain is not registered yet at this stage, the website designer will first proceed to do so for you (if you are hosting with us) and create all the necessary email accounts. The website will then be uploaded to its new home and when you are ready, we will register your URL so Google and other search engines can start to index your website.

Website Design Launch - Phase

frequently asked questions to our web designers


We are a website design company in Rietfontein, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. Even though we are based in South Africa, you can hire us as your website designers wherever you are. Technology today allows us to easily communicate audibly and visually with Platforms like Skype and Teamviewer.


With website designing it’s really difficult to say, because it depends on the complexity of the website. Wire framing takes about 1 day. Compositing can take anything between 1 to 5 days. Prototyping takes another day. Finalizing takes about 3 – 5 days. Launching takes about 1 day, so you are looking at a minimum time span of anything from 6 – 11 days to plan, create, test and upload a fairly basic site. Sometimes it may be quicker and other times it may take a bit longer. It also depends on the complexity of the briefing and how fluent the correspondence is.


Yes, you can, and we will even upload it to your server and setup the database and email accounts. If you would like to host with a different hosting company than with us, then please just inform the website designer in the briefing process.


By default, the website designer only designs one theme, one template, while using different screens to illustrate the full extent of the design. If you would like more than one design so you have some options to choose from, we would be more than happy to do so, but you will need to let us know so we can include the extra designs into your quotation.

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