What is your Brand's Name

The Solution, Solved

Who does your

product/service help

All consumers

How does it help them

Renewable energy is

self sustaining, creating an independent homestead. No more loadshedding as

well as a massive cost saving.

What would you like

your brand to be remembered for

A brand looking after

South Africans. Helping the people of South Africa become independent and self sustaining in their own homes.


How should they feel about it

Excited and relieved

Would you like your

brand to be local, national or international


Is your product/service expensive, average or more affordable

More affordable


Desired Impressions


What will your logo be put on?

Website, email, letterhead

Any additional

information that we should know, including restrictions

We are importers and

installers, helping to bring the price down but not make the system feel cheap. We still focus on the best quality products as well as installation, making it possible for more people



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