"If you're going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can't be erased."

Maya Angelou

We help our clients to leave their mark by designing professional company logos that are:

distinctive and memorable

clear, concise and simplistic

functional in any size

fine-tuned to the needs of their target audience


Hiring a professional logo designer is a fantastic start.

As a logo designer, I have a deep appreciation for professional, clean and effective logo designs. Over the last 10 years, designing company logos for startup- and existing companies has slowly but surely shaped me into a more deliberate , effective, and professional logo designer.

Just like every person has an identity, so every company also needs an identity. This is what helps us to connect to the world around us. Without an effective brand identity, your company will find it hard to connect to its audience. Your audience will miss out on anything you have to offer and vice versa. Everybody wants to trade with trustworthy companies that offers high value at no risk. An effective logo design can be used everywhere and on anything without being restricted to size, media, or platform.

We have designed over


professional logos

some of our logo designs

  • Vector Logos
  • 3D Logos
  • Case Studies
Vector Logos
3D Logos
Case Studies
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Brand Box Logo Design 1
Brand Box 1
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How much does a logo design cost

Giga Package Icon


Everything in the Mega Identity Package

.co.za Domain registration +

1 year’s email hosting

(Renewable @ R800/year)

3D logo design

10 Stock images

R 6 000

R 5 000


Giga Package Icon



Everything in the Mega

Identity package

+ Identity System

+ 3D Logo

+ Intro Logo Animation

+ Brand Strategy


Simply complete the form below and click on the "Send Message" button



Everything in the Micro Identity Package

Business card design

Letterhead design

Email signature

Social media icons

R 4 000

R 3 000





Everything in the Micro

Identity Package

+ Business Card Design

+ Whatsapp Business Card

+ Social Media Cover

+ Typography System


Simply complete the form below and click on the "Send Message" button

Micro Identity Icon


Scalable vector logo


Brand style guide

Vector & transparent versions

3 Initial options

3 Rounds for refinements

R 2 500

R 2 000


Micro Identity Icon



Scalable Vector Logo

+ Letterhead

+ Email Signature

+ Social Media Icons

+ Style Guide


Simply complete the form below and click on the "Send Message" button

Add these additional services to any logo design package

and get a more tailored experience

3D Logo


R 2 000

2D Logo Animation Intro

R 3 000

Business Card Design

R 375

Typography System

R 1 000

Identity System

R 2 000

Brand Strategy

R 2 000

Vector Logo Design

This format allows you to have your logo resized as much as possible without loosing any quality. During the 1st round, we present you with 3 equally viable options from which you may select one to continue. From there, the logo may be refined for up to 4 more rounds. We are currently averaging on 2 rounds.

Letterhead Design

Often suppliers or high profile companies use a formal company letterhead as a form of authentication before they can continue to conduct business with you. We design your letterhead to not only accomplish this but also to make a great impression. The letterhead is also embedded into a MS Word template to save you time.

Email Signature Design

Brand your emails by adding an email

signature with your contact details below every message that leaves your outbox.

This creates an extra and free opportunity to market your business.

-The Micro Identity Packages includes a universal design for up to 3 names Our -Mega Identity package includes a universal design for up to 5 names

-Our Giga Identity Package includes a universal design for up to 10 names

Business Card Design

Business cards are often considered to be an integral part of networking and marketing. We design your business cards to be double sided by default in order to help prevent cluttering. After your approval, the business cards are exported to a print ready format. Unfortunately this package does not include printing since there's no way of knowing how many sets of how many cards are required until after a briefing, however we are able to print and deliver your business cards should you require.

-The Mega Identity Package includes a universal design for up to 5 names.

-The Giga Identity Package includes a universal design for up to 10 names.

Brand Style Guide

This is like a recipe for your corporate identity. It includes the finer, technical details about your logo, like the colour codes, fonts, spacing and the proportions used to design your logo. It is extremely important to keep your brand consistent no matter which marketing route you take and this document allows you to do exactly that.

how does the logo designing process work?


You have already taken the 1st step to establishing your brand, and that was to find a logo designer. The next step is to let us know that you are interested in hiring us as the designing firm to design your company logo. You can do this by simply completing the form below.


One of our logo designers will respond to your request with a detailed proposal via email. If we are a good match for you and your budget, then the logo designer will continue to the next phase when we receive either full payment or deposit as indicated on our proposal.


The logo designer will send you a list of tailored questions that we will need you to answer. You may send an email with your answers along with any other information or images to the corresponding logo designer. Your answers will serve as a briefing that will guide us to an efficient company logo design for you.

Research Image - Website Design-Logo Design - Graphic Design - 3D Design


After receiving your briefing, the logo designer will start by doing thorough research of your target audience, your competitors and design trends in your industry that work. Our findings will be summarized and sent to you by the logo designer. If the research shows that your briefing might have a negative impact on your logo design, the logo designer will inform you and offer some suggestions. You can then make an informed decision to either alter your briefing or give the logo designer the green light to proceed with the initial briefing. This phase is only applicable to the Mega and Giga Logo design package.


It is much faster and more fun to illustrate and conceptualize ideas with a classic pencil and paper than with professional designing software. For this reason, the logo designer will start to experiment with various ideas in a pencil sketch format while keeping the Briefing and Mood board in mind. Sketching also helps the logo designer to concentrate on the form and shape instead of trying to juggle between shape, colour, and typography at the same time. The logo designer will then choose the 3 most efficient drawings, and refine them for the next phase.

Sketch Image - Website Design-Logo Design - Graphic Design - 3D Design
Digitize Image - Website Design-Logo Design - Graphic Design - 3D Design


The 3 blueprints now serve as a foundation that the logo designer can start to build from. They are scanned in and digitized using industry-standard, vector design software. The logo designer continues to refine the shape of the logo designs even more by using a geometric grid system for accuracy and proportioning. If your logo is not a Letter-mark or a Word-mark, the logo designer will move on by focusing on the typography (font) of each logo. When the shape of each logo design, including the text, has a tight lockup, the logo designer assigns a very particular colour to every element of the logo while keeping the Briefing and Mood board and its psychological factors in mind.


Each logo design will be sent to you by the logo designer as a potential option for a new company logo. Along with the logo design itself, the logo designer will also include how the logo will look in various sizes, and on contrasting backgrounds. The colour theme, typefaces (fonts) and focus keywords will also be on the presentation. On the next page will be a presentation of the company letterhead and email signature that comes with your logo design package.

Presentation Image - Website Design-Logo Design - Graphic Design - 3D Design
Revisions Image - Website Design-Logo Design - Graphic Design - 3D Design


The logo designer will need you to choose the option that best aligns with your company. Even though we need you to make a choice, the presentation that you choose is not carved in stone. If you would like the logo designer to make any changes to your chosen logo design, letterhead and email signature, feel free to ask for those changes, but please be sure that you ask for all the desired changes together. The logo designer can give you up to 5 rounds of changes before there will be any additional costs. The 1st set of presentations is your 1st round.


As soon as you are satisfied with your new company logo, letterhead, and email signature, you may settle the outstanding balance if you only paid a 50% deposit. When the balance is settled, the logo designer will obtain the license for the typefaces (fonts) used in your logo design. Next, the logo designer will export the logo design that you approved. It will be exported as a Vector PDF, a transparent PNG, and a Bitmap JPEG. The exported files will be sent to you along with the typefaces and their licenses by the logo designer. The email signatures will be sent as JPEG images. The Letterhead will be sent as a JPEG image and already fixed as a header in a Microsoft Word Document so you can just type away.

Export Image - Website Design-Logo Design - Graphic Design - 3D Design

frequently asked questions about logo designing


We are a logo design company in Pretoria East, Gauteng, South Africa. Even though we are based in South Africa, you can hire us as your logo designers wherever you are. Technology today allows us to easily communicate audibly and visually with Platforms like Skype and Teams.


On average it usually takes the logo designer about 5 to 10 working days to produce the 1st presentation that consists of 3 logo design options. Sometimes it may be quicker and other times it may take a bit longer. It also depends on the complexity of the briefing and how fluent the correspondence is.


We design vector logos in CMYK to comply with printing requirements. When the final logo is approved, one of the formats that we export it in is a transparent PNG. Since PNG files are mainly used for screen applications like Computers, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones, the export automatically converts the logo design to RGB. Our Mega and Giga Logo design packages include a brand guide that supplies the CMYK, RGB, Pantone, and Hex colour ranges of the logo, along with some other valuable guidelines.


Yes, our Giga and Mega Identity design packages includes a business card design, letterhead design and an Email signature design. See our Brand Identity Packages


This scenario rarely happens and our logo design process is carefully and strategically created to avoid such scenarios. Since we understand that we are human and make mistakes, we do investigate where it went wrong, how we can avoid it in the future, and how to turn the situation around. If it were to happen that you feel that none of the 1st 3 logo design options are aligned with your company then we will need you to explain why to determine where the logo designer misunderstood the briefing, or where the briefing misled the logo designer. If the briefing misleads the logo designer, then an overage fee will be charged. Our goal is still to provide you with efficient logo design, so either way, after the wrinkles have been straightened out, we will return to the drawing board for the next presentation of 3 options.

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