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Affordable Web Hosting and Domain Registration

We provide affordable website hosting services and domain registration to get your website online . The term hosting a website refers to an allocated space on a server computer that can be accessed through the internet with a unique address called an URL. The URL usually contains the name of the organization it is representing or what the organization specializes in and usually looks like this www.bluesphynx.co.za .

We Register and Host your Website Domain

To host a website, the URL, also known as the domain name, needs to be registered. We can register a URL for you and host your website at a very small and affordable fee. The registration of a URL takes about 24 hours to propagate, before it will be active and ready for your website to be uploaded. After your URL has been registered, it is valid for 12 months. After the 12 months, the URL has to be re-registered to your website to stay online.

Monthly or Annual Hosting

We give 2 options to maintain and back-up your website: monthly web hosting or annual web hosting. Some companies prefer to pay the small monthly web hosting fee to maintain and back-up their website and other companies prefer to pay a once-off web hosting fee for the year. The annual website hosting option is more affordable in the long term.

Email Accounts

By hosting your website with us, we also provide your own email accounts with your domain name. These emails usually looks like this: info@bluesphynx.co.za. The text before the @ sign can be customized by customized by you. The text after the @ sign is the same as your registered domain. Using a personalized email address gives a great advantage in the market. It provides evidence that you are a legit company and looks very professional. The amount of email accounts you can host depends on the website hosting package you take, but the basic package has 10 customizable email accounts ready for you to use.

If you do not have any email software, we provide a solution for you to read, compose and receive your email messages online from your mobile phone or internet connected computer anywhere in the world.

Website Domain/Server Space

Since your website domain refers to an allocated space on a computer, it also means that you get a certain amount of space to use to host your website files and emails. This is not something to worry about though, as website script files are really small, and so are most email messages. We do however advise to use Microsoft Outlook as an email management program, as it downloads the email to your computer and saves it on your computer's hard-drive.

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