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Website Designing

Web Design and Development to the next Level

Blue Sphynx is a Registered Website Designing company in Pretoria with a team of in-house web designers that believes in designing neat, professional and affordable websites for your business.

The World Wide Web has grown beyond exponentially in a very short time. Having a well structured web design is one of the leading methods to get the word out there. We provide the ultimate Website Designing Solution to take your marketing to the next level. As a web desiging company, we believe in providing a quality, neat and professional website design at an affordable cost to help you grow your business and provide a satisfying customer service and experience through your website.

Online marketing is a very broad term to use, and consists of a variety of techniques and methods. We provide the following online marketing services:

Our website designers can combine all of these online marketing services and design a website that will become a very powerful and valuable asset to your company. The process of the website design is carefully planned by the web designers, to be both practical and effective to its users. The design of the website is considered the most crucial part in presenting your company with its product or service. It is proven that a good looking web design attracts more viewers and potential clients.

Pay per Month

We offer a Pay per Month option, that allows you to have a quality customized website design at a low cost per month, for 12 months. After 12 months the price drops to R100 a month for hosting. This option can help you to get your website up and running, without having to spend a larger amount of capital at one time.

One Custom Cost

Our second bargain option allows you to pay one time to be the owner of a quality customized web design for 12months. After 12 months, the price drops to R100 per month or R1000 per year. This option can help you to prevent those small monthly expenses, and save more money in the long term.

Online Presentation

As a mission driven web designing company, our website designers make it their sole objective to design a website that will create a great first impression, of your products or services as a quality brand. Our web designers ensures that the website is designed around the idea of being an overall presentation of your business. The web design also emphasizes the general atmosphere of your business, so that the public and target group will be able to associate their need to your product or service. When you direct a potential client, or a friend or even a family member to your website, they will understand exactly what your business has to offer and they will be able to get an overview of how your company can add value to their lives.

Let your website work for you

Your web design not only serves as a presentation but also as a representation of your company. This is why our website designers have developed a user friendly Website CMS (Content Management System) Platform that ensures your website works for you and not the other way around. Just like your consultants are selling a product and service, while complying to a set of principles and etiquette, so too will your website. Our web designers ensures that your website template is designed to be neat, professional, easy to understand and helpful to provide assistance to the needs of the visitor.

The CMS (Content Management Sytem) Website Software that our website designers have developed, is both user-friendly and SEO friendly.  This means that you will be able to easily change and update the content, menus, articles, images, plug-ins and products on your website.  SEO friendly (Search Engine Optimization Friendly) means that Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others will be able to easily index/list/rank your website.  The position of your website ranking in these search enigines however, is determined by the overall value and structure of the content you provide.

User-friendly Navigation

Our website designers will design your website in manner that doesn't navigate to any dead ends. With a user-friendly navigation system, a visitor on your website will be able to find exactly what they are looking for.  Every website is designed to comply to the 3 click rule by our web designers. According to research, a website visitor must be able to get anywhere within your website between 3 clicks. Not only do we comply to the 3 click rule, but our website designers also made the web design to display a short description of what each page contains in the navigation. This helps to direct the viewer in the right direction.

Contact us for a website design

Although Blue Sphynx is a Website Design Company in Pretoria, we can design your website even if you are based in Centurion, Midrand, Sandton, Johannesburg or anywhere else in Gauteng - South Africa.  Contact us for a website designing quotation or use our online website ordering system to receive your quote almost instantly.

Written by Ricus du Plooy

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