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3D Logo Design

Product Description
High Resolution Output(2000x3000)
Realistic Rendering Effects

Vector Logo Design
Print Ready
Stretchable to any Size without quality loss in Vector Format
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3D Logo Design
High Resolution Output(2000x3000)
Realistic Rendering Effects
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Bitmap Logo

Bitmap Logo Design Example
A Bitmap Logo, also known as a Raster Logo or a High Resolution Logo, consists of pixels and usually contains allot of detail. We can add realistic attention to detail with shadows, glows, gradients, colour overlays, bevel effects, emboss effects and reflections. These effects can also generate a semi 3D logo effect.

Bitmap Logo Designing Zoomed in at 1500%

Our bitmap/raster logos can be designed in RGB or CMYK. Bitmap/Raster Logos usually have a .jpeg / .jpg / .tif / .png extension. We can provide your design in any of these formats, although we prefer to save it in a .tif format since TIF images are not compressed thus losing no detail and TIF logos allows a transparent background. A Logo with a transparent background allows you to place your logo over any image without it having a white block around it.

Vector Logo

Vector Logo Design Example Vector logos are mostly used for printing since they don't consist of pixels and can be resized without losing any quality. Should you wish to use any form of large format printing, then a vector logo is definitely the way to go. Vector logo designs may have allot of detail but not as much as a Raster logo in terms of shadows, glows, colour overlays, bevel effects and embossing effects.

Vector Logo Designing Zoomed in at 1500%

We can design a vector logo to be print ready in the following formats: .cdr, .eps or pdf. With our vector designs, we prefer to convert the fonts to curves so it may be used by printing companies even if they don't have the font that we designed it in. We do however send the fonts and colour profiles (CMYK and RGB) for branding purposes. This ensures that the correct branding formats are kept.

3D Logo

3D Logo Designing Bring your logo or corporate image to life by having a realistic rendered 3D logo. By Adding the correct display of lighting effects and depth to each object with advanced shadow effects, your logo will give that "Wow!" impression to a viewer. Other effects such as transparency, reflection and glossiness are also used with our 3D Logo designs.

Before the final image is rendered we send you a test rendered preview for your approval and then a final Image is rendered in high resolution and sent in a bitmap format. Some companies prefer not to have a 3D Logo as their main logo, but use it to emphasize the quality of their products or services. A semi-3D logo can be designed as a Bitmap logo to give you the advantage above a plain flat logo.

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