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Quote for the Day "Little Minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above it."

- Washington Irving

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About Us

Blue Sphynx - Image Engineering specializes in the creation and development of Logo's, Corporate Identities, Websites, Online Marketing, Marketing Strategies, 3D modelling and other marketing and branding mediums. We do not see ourselves as a designing, advertising or marketing company, even though we specialize in all these fields, but rather as an entity that pays attention to detail to every aspect and factor that makes a company image effective, attractive and significant to its market, and to society in general.

Blue Sphynx was found in May 2011 by Ricus du Plooy and Bennie Hayes, and has been growing exponentially ever since. 60% of our clients found us through referrals. In fact, the funding for Blue Sphynx was done through the work we did for referred clients. We are very grateful for all the satisfied clients, their referrals and new satisfied clients. Our ongoing work with these clients is our measurement and evidence of a service well provided. The more satisfied clients we have, the more significant and successful we measure ourselves.

Registration No: 2013/160428/07

Written by Ricus du Plooy

About Us

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