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- Washington Irving

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3D Designing | Modelling

For realistic 3D Visualization

3D Modelling and designing is a popular request in today's world of modern technology and advertising. We believe that a person will approve something with more confidence when he/she can see it, or atleast how it will look. With this belief we aim to design a realistic 3D Model to present as an image to the campaign manager. The manager of the project will then be able to make any required changes to the 3D design until the 3D concept is givin it's final approval. From there the 3D model can be given to the manufacturer to produce a prototype. In some cases the design of the 3D model will have to be approved by the manufacturer before the project manager, as we might not have all the knowledge as we would like to have about all the technical specifications and components that contributes to how the product or concept funtions. We specialize in designing an effective image for the product or concept.

3D Modelling can help a user to:

  • Create or change the design before production
  • Visualize how the end product will look
  • Understand and evaluate the scale and size of the product or concept

To provide you with a realistic 3D image or design, we will need:

  • Dimensions / Sizes (length x width x height)
  • Materials (What does the product consist of? | It can be more than one material)
  • A rough or draft image of the product or even a sample.
  • CAD Drawings of each perpective (Front, Top, Side) - if available

Time Rendering Process

The process of 3D modelling is a very time consuming process due to render times. To render an image, is to combine each aspect of the product or concept into a final realstic 3D image. These aspects include the perspectives, lighting, shadows, colour, texture, reflections and transparency. A test render may take about 15 minutes to complete in low resolution and a final render may take up to 3 - 8 hours to render. The design of the concept, product or model itself may take anything from a day to a week depending on the amount of detail. We send you a test render for approval before the final render is done. The final rendered 3D image may take up to 2-3 weeks depending on how many changes has to be made to the design. There is also a chance that the process may be completed sooner if there is not a great amount of detail or changes to the product or concept.

3D Concept designs can be used for:

  • Engineering models and components
  • 3D floor planning
  • Product previews for catalogues
  • Development of products
  • 3D logo designs

Blue Spynx 3D Modeling

3D Logo Designing

A 3D Logo design is sure to capture the attention of alot of potential clients. Our 3D logo designing allows a logo to look so realistic that it brings all the human senses into play. When the 3D logo is seen, the mind (imagination) allows the viewer to imagine how it will look, feel, taste and even smell, provided the logo should focus on each of those senses. A 3D logo of a hamburger (for example) would create a sense of smell and taste along with the look and feel.

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